ANNOUNCEMENT: Ocular Trauma - The Real Website / The Archive

Greetings! If you can read this, it means you seek my webcomic Ocular Trauma which was published here on LiveJournal between 2004 and 2005.

The good news for you is that the complete archive of Ocular Trauma (204 issues) now exists as its own exceptionally navigable/searchable website. As well as the comics, you'll find on the site the background story behind O.T. and DVD-style commentary to accompany many of the issues. Visiting the front page always plucks out an issue at random for viewing, and the rest is browseable by date, name, issue number, etc. Huge ups to my friend Bryan who hosts the site and assembled it to my specifications. The gallery coding is all his custom stuff, too.

Forevermore, head on over to:

Cheers -

- Wade